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"Comics Made Me Gay" -- comics essay about homoeroticism in comics

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND, here’s a PDF version of “Comics Made Me Gay” as a fileshare link!

“Comics Made Me Gay” is the NSFW comics essay form of a talk/presentation that I did at the 2012 Toronto Comics Art Festival.  It’s got multiple safe and not safe for work images and language so use your best judgment about when and where to read it. It’s formatted in tablet-friendly 2048h x 1536w portrait dimensions.

“CMMG” illustrates and explains how and why the comics/sequential art form is uniquely suited for representing both the objective and subjective experience of homoeroticism. It features both panel excerpts and full comics page samples from classic superhero comics, from Tom of Finland gay erotic comics and from contemporary gay and gay erotic illustrators and cartoonists.  

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The site opened but it seems to be an add for the upload service. There was nothing about downloading the PDF.

And weird, I know I have posted pic in comments. Maybe LJ is acting up today?

Edited at 2012-05-11 05:29 pm (UTC)

Kc: Click where it says "SAVE FILE TO... your computer. [image of computer] (download arrow) DOWNLOAD"

Thank you ~ it finally worked. I tried Internet Explorer and finally the missing thing was there.

Interesting show.

I am not sure how comic books made you gay from this, but there was some beautiful art and some interesting ideas shared.

Thank you.

They confirmed it, affirmed it, validated it... It's all in the comic. :)

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