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OMG, it’s the first book review of GOOD SPORTS!!!

Reviewed by Steven Leitman for Reading With A Flight Ring:

“ I will say that it is almost risky to put out a book that has no words in it, even more so when it’s of an adult nature. After all, then it could be construed as just a book of sexual images that would be considered cheap pornography. However, when dealing with anything Dale Lazarov does, there is always an intelligence behind it and this one was a true delight.

This book beautifully goes back and forth between the lives of two men who just happen to be lovers. Starting from back in the days when the first met leading up to the here and now, we get the story of their life together and their love through nothing more than the visuals. 

Granted, some of them are extremely explicit, were we expecting anything else? Alessio Slonimsky takes the direction from Lazarov extremely well. The panels have distinct feels as to what was then and what is now weaving a story that is both at times tender and others filled with extreme passion.

To be brutally honest I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of most adult comic books since they seem to exaggerate both scenarios and endowment but this was a sweet book. First and foremost to me, this was a love story that just happens to have a bunch of sex scenes. Lazarov could make me a fan of this genre with more books like this one. 

Clever, intelligent and definitely erotic, this is a nice hardcover that would do any coffee table proud.”

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